Why pink?

Based on the detailed and advanced research of our biologists, O-Magma have isolated and reproduced a totally efficient spectrum for plant flowering.
The blues and reds that compose our spectrum produce the distinctive pink colour of our flowering lamps.

What is your spectrum?

A spectrum is a distribution of energy (light) through a range of wavelengths (colours) that the plant needs to grow normally.
Our research has lead us to reproduce the ideal spectrum for the flowering process.

What surface can a lamp cover?

The OF-650 covers 1.5m2 during the flowering phase.

How much heat do your lamps produce?

The OF-650 produces 0.075kW/h (260BTU) of heat in the growth area.

How much power do our lamps use?

The OF-650 consumes 0.650kW/h

Will your lights loose power?

Our specific high quality led cobs will still be at more than 95% of their original power after 5 years of use. Hence our 5 year guarantee.

What is Blue Magma?

It is a coolant liquid developed by O-Magma to optimise the heat transfer from the light head out of the grow area.

Why that price?

Industrial quality for intensive and reliable use.
The no holes barred quality selection of the components and materials used, explains the price and the satisfaction provided by our lamps.

Do I have to change bulbs?

Our lamps use cutting edge led technology so there is no bulb changing needed.

Do you have after sales service?

We guarantee our lamps 5 years parts and labour. If there is unfortunately a problem, just simply return us your lamp to:
O-Magma SAS, 21 Bd. de Tunis, 13008 Marseille, FRANCE, and we’ll fix it.

Made in France... really?

O-Magma, a French company, have created a unique and innovative lighting process.
Developed and produced in our structure in Marseille, the South of France, O-Magma lighting enables access to a new level of power and efficiency for indoor cultivation.