First water cooled LED Lamp


Reduced Heat

90% less heat in the grow area

At O-Magma we have a mission: take energy efficiency to its limit over the whole grow process. We have developed a unique external liquid cooling system, BlueMagma, that enables the extraction of more than 90% of the generated heat out of the growth area.

Less heat in the grow area means reduced cooling and ventilating, increased biomass and number of crops a year.

First water cooled LED Lamp water cooling led growing light the life lamp o-magma

BlueMagma Liquid Cooling

A unique liquid coolant

Thanks to the competence of our physicians and biologists, we have created a unique cooling liquid, organic and completely inoffensive for all life forms. BlueMagma is one of the many major advances that enable the technology O-Magma to be on the cutting edge of grow plant technology, enabling an efficient extraction of the generated heat from the grow area.

First water cooled LED Lamp. water cooling led. growing led light. the life lamp. o-magma

Led for life

45% less electricity consumed

O-Magma’s technology only products energy, no useless lighting.

O-Magma’s specific led cob based technology creates increased yield and optimises floral development.

Based on the research of our biologists the O-Magma team has been able to define the ideal light spectrum for plants.
Our physicians have perfectly reproduced this spectrum with an unequalled level of energy emission in the world of leds.

First water cooled LED Lamp


Completely waterproof 

O-Magma’s lamps are created to operate in immersion in aquaculture projects and submarine farms.
Conform with IP68 norm, we guarantee our lamps 5 years.